UttarkashiUttarkashi is a town situated 145 km from Rishikesh on the banks of Bhagirathi River at an altitude of 1352mts above sea level in Uttarakhand state. The district headquarters of Uttarkashi District is situated in Uttarkashi. Uttarkashi is connected with Himachal on the north, Tibet on the North east, Chamoli on the east, Rudraprayag on the south east, Dehradun on the east and Tehri on south. Uttarkashi district is bordered by the range of snow clad peaks of the Himalayan range on the northern side. The land of Uttarkashi district meets unmatched importance as it is the origin of two holiest rivers of India, Ganga and Yamuna. Uttarkashi owes deep rooted religious connection with hindu gods and goddesses. Before independence Uttarkashi was originally a part of Tehri Garhwal district.  Uttarkashi district was created on February 24, 1960.

Uttarkashi has numerous ashrams where the devotees stay and temples which means great importance to locals and hindus. Uttarkashi can help you with mountaineering skills as the well known Nehru Institute of Mountaineering is situated here. The picturesque town of Uttarkashi acquires great importance because of the very significant pilgrimage centres of Gangotri and Yamunotri.

Uttarkashi offers each and every thing associated with nature like mountains, dense forests, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, glaciers, Himalayas, green meadows etc. With all these nature’s vistas a tourist gets easily captivated and falls in love with the green earth. Only a poetic heart can best understand the beauteousness of Uttarkashi district. The place holds something for everyone it is a writer’s inspiration, a nature lover’s home, a stress buster for city dwellers, a trekker’s paradise and a pilgrim’s destination.

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