Garhwali Songs

Garhwali folk music might be blessed with some powers as every time we listen to a garhwali lok geet we fall into the nostalgia of the time we spent in Garhwal. The pristine beauteousness of the nature of Garhwal region moves in front of our eyes no matter where we are and a sense of natural melody comes enters our heart. Garhwali songs are generally related with festivals, folk stories, gods and simple pastoral life of people in Uttarakhand. Garhwali music is integrated in every part of Uttarakhand and you will start feeling the aerial music of Garhwal as soon as you enter this holy land of gods.

Shri Narendra Singh Negi is considered as the voice of Uttarakhand. Narendra Singh Negi has been versatile since beginning of his career and he has delivered most number of successful albums in Uttarakhand state. Narendra Singh Negi is the most popular singer of Uttarakhand.

The folk music of Garhwal region of Uttarakhand has become more versatile during last decade. In recent years Uttarakhand folk music has welcomed many new talented Garhwali singers like Gajendra Rana, Manglesh Dangwal, Pritam Bhardwaj and Meena Rana. These youngsters have also become popular in the Garhwal region because of their talent and dedication towards Garhwali Lok Geet.

The variety of Garhwali songs or Garhwali music stretches to a larger scope with the areas like ceremonial mandals, martial panwaras and melancholy khuded, thadya and jhoda.

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