Garhwali Language

The Garhwali language is spoken by the Garhwali people who live in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand state. The Garhwali language belongs to the Pahari (person who lives in the mountains) subgroup of Indo-Aryans.

The closest language to Garhwali is Kumauni also written as Kumaoni. Garhwali and Kumauni language has many regional dialects spoken in different places of Uttarakhand. The script used for Garhwali language is Devanagari and it does not have its own script.

Garhwali is a spoken by more than four million Garhwali people in India, mostly living in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand state of northern India. Generally those who can speak and understand Garhwali language are able to speak and understand Hindi as well. Most of the educated people living in the cities hardly speak Garhwali there and in most cases parents still speak and understand Garhwali but their children cannot, this can lead to the extinction of Garhwali language. Since last few decades many Garhwali folk singers like Narendra Singh Negi, Pritam Bhardwaj and many more have roused people’s interest in Garhwali language by their popular songs. Even little knowledge of Garhwali language can be helpful if you are planning to visit tourist places of this Middle Himalayan Region.

Garhwali is has become one of the significant languages in the category of the regional language and Himalayan range as well. Garhwali is the main language spoken by the people of Garhwal region and East Himachal Pradesh; people also speak in Hindi and English language here.

It is believed that the origin of Garhwali language is widely influenced by Sauraseni Prakrit, which also affected the development of languages like Rajasthani, Brij bhasha and quite a few western or central Pahari languages. Sanskrit and its variants also brought modulations in the Garhwali language.

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